Comfortable Means More Than Temperature

 As part of our series about the tagline ‘Comfortable  Efficient  Healthy’, we’re diving into the non-insulation/energy efficiency ways Home Energy Solutions can help you make your home a better place to be.

This week we’ll show how we can help make your home more Comfortable.

Comfortable Means More Than Temperature

Here’s an example of how ‘Comfortable’ reaches beyond insulation and energy efficiency:

When Curtis and Trish, a young couple in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, purchased their 1990s home several years ago, they knew the kitchen didn’t match their style or needs.

Ready for an upgrade

From the tiled countertops, through the dated-looking cabinets to the two-toned ceramic tile floor, nothing matched their style. 

In essence, they weren’t comfortable in their kitchen.

In partnership with an area contracting company, Home Energy Solutions of Wisconsin worked with Curtis and Trish to create the kitchen of their dreams.

And The Results Are In

Complete with new flooring, custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and a glass tiled backsplash, Curtis and Trish now have a kitchen space that is warm, inviting, and yes, Comfortable.


Thanks, Curtis and Trish, for allowing us the opportunity to help you make your home a more comfortable place for you and your family!

The Tagline That Says It All

So, the next time you’re looking for a partner on a special project, remember, our tagline says it best: Comfortable  Efficient  Healthy.

Up Next…

Coming soon; What else, besides energy efficiency, does Efficiency cover?


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