Home energy auditThe path to a healthy and comfortable home begins with a thorough and complete examination from top to bottom of your home to make a diagnosis of its health and well being.  Often referred to as an energy audit, or home energy use analysis, this examination is the cornerstone upon which a plan for a more comfortable home is built.


Are vital organs such as its furnace, water heater, and other energy sources operating efficiently and effectively?

Is the air free of dangerous or noxious gases such as carbon monoxide?

Is there a presence of mold or mildew, excess of moisture, humidity, or seen or unseen water damage?

The obvious can be ‘eyeballed’ but what about the unseen?

Thanks to the latest up-to-date technologies such as gas analyzers, detectors and thermal imaging,
every square inch of your home is examined.

The data gleaned from the examination is studied, evaluated, and assessed to determine the exact treatment for your home.


The treatment prescribed is designed to pay dividends in energy savings and confer exceptional comfort to you and your family.

Two of the most common treatments involve additional insulation in your home and air sealing to block entryways of unwanted outside elements

Post Treatment Examination

Now that insulation was properly and professionally installed, air sealing complete, blocking  entryways of unwanted elements and insects, all major organs deemed safe and hazard free, all additional prescribed treatments are complete, the post treatment examination takes place.

The examination checks and tests that all the environmental objectives and desired energy goals are met giving you a healthy, comfortable, durable home. A home that rewards you with energy efficiency  savings.

Want to learn how your home can be more comfortable, healthy, and efficient?  Contact us today, and we’ll help you keep the outside out and the inside in.