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We Don’t Just Identify Home Issues. We Fix Them.
And Just Time for Summer.

A comfortable, energy efficient and healthy home is achievable and for less money than you think.

Making smart improvements is the answer…no more high energy use, no more bundling up indoors and no more wasting money to achieve a more comfortable home.

Home Improvements: Holistic Approach

Rather than focusing on a single problem, like not enough insulation in the attic or a leaky window, Home Energy Solution of Wisconsin’s holistic approach treats your home as one entity.

We diagnose areas for improvements and upgrades based on how the components of your home or units work together. This approach is more likely to get to the root of the issues, without creating new ones.

So your result is a more energy efficient and comfortable home for your family and/or renters. And you no longer experience:

  • High energy bills (natural gas or electric)
  • Air drafts / room temperature fluctuations
  • Leaky windows and doors and insufficient insulation levels in attics and walls
  • Indoor allergies or condensation and humidity issues

Our Home Improvement Customers

Many of your neighbors and owners of apartment buildings have already stop wasting energy and have fixed their comfort and energy efficiency issues.

At Home Energy Solutions of Wisconsin, we help single family (1-3 units) and multi-family (4+ units) homeowners and landlords identify home issues and then fix them for good.

And through our partnership with Focus on Energy, financial incentives up to $2,550 may be available to eligible customers.

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Don’t Wait To Achieve…

• Enhanced home comfort and lower energy bills

• No more air drafts and room temperature fluctuations

• A healthier and safer environment

• Easier sale or higher price when selling

• Reduced long-term maintenance

• Lower carbon footprint


The first step to identify what is wrong with your home


Your home’s pressure barrier or ‘windbreaker’


Your home’s thermal barrier or ‘winter sweater’

Beat the home improvement rush. It’s easy to get started.

Step 1: Schedule an audit.

Step 2: Meet with your auditor and actively participate and learn from the process.

Step 3: Review your report and decide which improvements to make. You may even be eligible for up to $1,700 in financial incentives.

Step 4: Enjoy a more comfortable and energy efficient home before cooler temperatures set in.

What your neighbors are saying about us...


"Cannot believe how much longer the house stays cold, with AC hardly running at all. Was even able to raise room temperature and started those savings on the AC. Looking forward to winter and know we will enjoy the same extra warmth and savings! Best thing we ever did!"

- Mark Gorham

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