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About Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy is Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program. The statewide program provides information, resources and generous financial incentives that benefit all Wisconsinites by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that otherwise wouldn’t happen, or in some cases years sooner than scheduled.

Its mission is to empower the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.

The organization has realized more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin since 2011. By eliminating energy waste, the need to purchase coal and natural gas from other states is reduced. This keeps dollars in Wisconsin and lessens the need to build additional power plants.

In 2021, 107 Wisconsin electric and natural gas utilities, including Wisconsin Public Service (WPS), Xcel Energy and Alliant Energy participated in the program. Customers of these utilities may be eligible to participate in Focus on Energy residential and business programs and receive financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements.

Trade Allies / Contractors

Home Energy Solutions of Wisconsin is a qualified Focus on Energy Home Performance Program service provider. We are proud to partner with a statewide organization that empowers people and businesses across Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with lasting personal and economic financial results.

We belong to a small network of companies that have access to Focus on Energy’s residential and business program benefits and financial incentives. Our relationship makes it possible to offer Focus on Energy Home Performance program incentives to our eligible customers.

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Home Performance Program Incentives

Air sealing and insulation incentives are available to eligible homeowners through Focus on Energy’s Home Performance Program. These generous incentives bring down the project cost so homeowners can make more energy efficiency improvements with less of their own money.

Focus on Energy is currently offering up to $1,650 in air sealing and insulation incentives. Ask us for details.

Air Sealing and Insulation Incentives
available up to $1,650
for eligible customers

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"Cannot believe how much longer the house stays cold, with AC hardly running at all. Was even able to raise room temperature and started those savings on the AC. Looking forward to winter and know we will enjoy the same extra warmth and savings! Best thing we ever did!"

- Mark Gorham

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