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More than Insulation

At Home Energy Solutions of Wisconsin, our tagline ‘Comfortable  Healthy  Efficient’ is broad-reaching, and there’s a reason behind it: because we can do much more than air sealing and insulation for your home.  From something as simple as fixing a squeaky door to remodeling an entire room, we can tackle almost any project on your list.

We’re Problem Solvers

Every home is unique, each presenting its own challenges and obstacles to  successful insulation project.  When a home has problems that must be solved before insulation work can be performed, companies that are able to only insulate your home are faced with several choices.  One choice is to make you, the homeowner, contract and manage other contracting trades.  This requires extra effort and frustration on your part.  The second option is to not do the work.  A third choice that some less-than-ethical companies  will opt for is to ignore the problem and hope nothing bad happens, which we’ll talk about in a future post.

We feel the best solution for your peace of mind is to solve the problem without causing you extra work or frustration (or potential future damage).  That’s why we maintain a staff of trained carpenters who can quickly and expertly fix structural problems, leaky roofs and/or walls, or any other problems that may arise.

Opportunities For You

Because we have these skilled craftsmen available, we’re able to use their talents for more than just fixing leaky roofs.  We’re also able to update your tired kitchen.  Or replace the flooring in your living room.  Or maybe transform your too-small bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

With your ideas and our imagination and craftsmanship, there’s almost no dream we can’t make a reality for you.

Everyone Has Limits

Although we have the ability, there are some projects we won’t undertake.  Ask us to build a house for you?  We’ll politely say ‘No thanks.’  How about an addition?  Nope, but thanks for asking.  A new garage?  Same answer.

Larger projects keep us from doing what we do best; making homes more comfortable, more efficient, and healthier for you.

We’re best at fixing existing buildings.  That’s the principle the company was built around, and that’s where our talents are best used.  I’ve always been told to ‘Do what you know’, and Home Energy Solutions of Wisconsin knows how to make homes better.

Comfortable  Healthy  Efficient

If you’ve got a home that is too cold in the winter, too warm in the summer, or you’re just tired of looking at pink tiles in your bathroom, give us a call.  We’d love to look at your home and help make it… Comfortable  Healthy  Efficient

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"Cannot believe how much longer the house stays cold, with AC hardly running at all. Was even able to raise room temperature and started those savings on the AC. Looking forward to winter and know we will enjoy the same extra warmth and savings! Best thing we ever did!"

- Mark Gorham

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